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You Are Invited to the Next CMW Plein Air Painting — Tuesday August 9th

On Tuesday, August 9th, CMW members will gather at 12:30 p.m. by the gazebo near the river at Munsinger Gardens in St. Cloud, weather permitting!. Stay as long as you wish to paint! This is a pleasant place to gather with beautiful shade. There are no tables at this location but lots of subjects to paint. Bring a small table, easel, chair, or whatever will make you feel comfortable as you paint outside.

Kerry Kupferschmidt completed this swan painting at CMW’s last plein air event in July at Lake George. Kerry writes: “I did all the start up work outside and then added the Swans from my photos. They weren’t cooperating for the right pose, so I made my own composition with them facing each other. I am hoping for more artists for our next plein air event at Munsinger Gardens August 9th. It’s less intimidating if we work as a group. Learning a new process with no judgment. Enjoy the outdoors too!”

Plan on attending!

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