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Membership Details:

Central MN Watercolorists is an independent community-based organization based in St. Cloud, MN Area. Membership is open to all, from beginner to professional, who have an interest in watercolor and other water media. CMW membership provides opportunities to participate, meet, paint, learn, network, an exhibit art. 

Guest may attend first meeting without payment and subsequent meeting for a fee of $5.

CMW dues are $30 for the calendar year. You may sign up for the coming year starting in Sept. Memberships paid between Jan - Aug will cover the current year. You will receive an email reminder before your membership expires in Dec. 

You can sign up for a new membership or renew your membership using the online form below. If you prefer, you can download this form, print it and mail it with a check. Follow the instructions on the form: 

CMW Membership Mail in Form 


New Members:

If you are not yet a member, consider attending one of our CMW meetings as our guest to meet our members, ask questions and a see a watercolor demo by an area artist. If you decide, you can sign up for the membership at the meeting. View our Calendar to see our upcoming events.

If you have questions, email us at

CMW Member Benefits 

CMW members have the opportunity to participate in events throughout the year including:

  • Monthly Meetings for networking and education

  • Artist Demonstrations

  • Member Dinner in September

  • Holiday Party in December

  • Workshops by Local and Nationally known Artists

  • Paint-In Retreats

  • Participate in Art Fairs and Exhibitions

  • Participate in the Historic Downtown St Cloud Art Crawls

  • Have Your own Gallery Page on the CMW website

  • Be part of our Facebook site and display your art there

  • Make Artist Friends

Local exhibitions are arranged to share our artwork with our friends and the public and offer it for sale.  We collaborate with area businesses and galleries to  exhibit our artwork throughout the year.

CMW collaborates with the Paramount Visual Arts Center to offer workshops with well known artists at least once annually. They also make available for CMW to display artwork, promote CMW and demo during at The Historic Downtown St Cloud Art Crawls.

The CMW website contains news posts of current  and upcoming events, and tips for watercolor painting. A personal webpage gallery is available to members to display and promote their artwork. 

CMW member meetings are currently held during these months: February, March, April, May, June, September, October, November and December. Regular meeting activities include: demonstrations by visiting artists, critiques, and presentations on a variety of art-related topics.  See our calendar for more specific and timely information.

Central Minnesota Watercolorists

Membership Registration & Renewal Form

Fill out this Regitration Form and pay dues with link on right.

PERMISSIONS FOR USE OF IMAGES-to be completed by all new and renewing members annually.

Do you grant permission for use of your art images by CMW in the following places? Checking the box indicates a “yes”. Use of your artwork is optional but gives you more opportunity for your artwork to be seen by the public and by other members.

Choose One
FaceBook and Website
I do not grant permission for CMW to use my images except for shows exhibits.


In special circumstances we may have a need to form virtual meeting groups. Please indicate below whether we may share your email with other members for these virtual groups.

Choose One
Yes, I grant permission for CMW to use my email as described above.
No, I do not grant permission for CMW to use my email as described above.