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WOW! Calvin deRuyter’s Finished Painting

As promised, CMW’s October demo artist, Calvin deRuyter, finished the abstract painting he began at the meeting and has forwarded photos. This is what he wrote to accompany his photos:

“I promised a follow up image of the painting I started on Monday night at the demo. After an additional 4-5 hours working on the piece, here is what it turned out as. Still not 100% sure yet if I can call this “finished” — like to live with it a few days before I decide finally it is done — but it is pretty close for sure. For fun, I also included 3 “detail shots” of closeups of parts of the painting.”

Calvin deRuyter

Again, Thank YOU Calvin for a wonderful demo and a colorful and beautiful completed abstract painting with lots of details ! My first thought….”WOW!”

Paula Tift, CMW Social Media Coordinator

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