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Things to Know for our CMW December Meeting

CMW’s 2021 December Meeting will be held December 13th at 6pm at Atonement Lutheran Church in St. Cloud.

Things to know:

  1. Bring a holiday treat or snack to share….and your Holiday Cheer! Coffee, tea, hot chocolate and bottled water are provided.

  2. If you choose to participate, bring an “original” card you have created for the Christmas card exchange–not a printed copy. To simplify, cards will be exchanged only between the members attending the meeting.

  3. You may pay your dues for 2022, if you haven’t already done so.

  4. Be prepared to sign up for the upcoming Centra Care Show (2 paintings allowed) January 24-February 24, Whitney Show (1 painting) January 31 -March 31, and the ongoing Sartell Community Center Show held each month (a total of 6 paintings displayed). Remember no January meeting–so this is your opportunity to sign up before the show dates.

  5. There will be a “waiting list” sign up sheet for the CMW’s May Retreat to be held in Cold Spring May 2-5th, 2022. Presently all spots are filled.

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