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Recent Keiko Tanabe Workshop

Recently CMW offered an on-line Workshop with Artist Keiko Tanabe. She said as artists we have the freedom to change values or anything. Prior to the workshop attendees received a rather complex photograph of a scene Keiko chose to paint. She had attendees complete a value study in the morning and worked on the actual painting in the afternoon. See examples of Keiko’s work displayed below. The featured workshop painting to the left is one completed by our own CMW member Diane Runberg. A beautiful painting Diane!

Keiko Tanabe writes: “Value does all the work while Color gets the credit. We all love colors and know colors make a painting look good. But it is values that make a painting stand out. In this workshop we will learn how true that is. Let’s explore the energy and rhythm of vibrant colors and learn how to make color and light sing in watercolor. Let’s experiment with colors to understand how they affect the overall feel in a painting. Let’s create a painting that conveys a certain mood by practicing and understanding a different value scale.” Visit Keiko at:

Keiko Tanabe, AWS, NWS, AIS, LPAPA

Keiko Tanabe workshop reference (4) (1) copy

Keiko demo 1 copy

Keiko demo 2 copy

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