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President’s Challenge is Extended to Members Unable to Attend the Feb 15 Meeting

Kupferschmidt-Winter Reflections

Tuesday, February 15th at 6pm at the Paramount Art Center is the next CMW meeting date and time. In the past the CMW February meeting offers a President’s Challenge (Easel Nite) for members that attend the meeting and share their art in person. Since our present life situation is not normal, the Board has decided to also extend the challenge to members that aren’t able to attend the meeting.

President Kerry Kupferschmidt chose the theme “Sheer Beauty of Winter”. So whether you are attending in person or are not able to, please submit a winter inspired painting (or you may wish to share one of your paintings that is different than the President’s Challenge theme and that is okay too)! Obviously if you are not attending in person you will not be physically sharing your artwork, but it will be shared on this website and on Facebook after the meeting.

In the meantime, please email a jpeg with painting title and any other information you wish to share with others to Paula Tift at for posting. Please send prior to February 13th!

This has been a very cold winter so let’s share some winter inspiration with each other!

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