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PayPal is now available for CMW membership and Art in the Garden Registration!

There are still two ways to sign up or renew and pay your membership and activity fees. One way is the one we know best where we write checks and manually fill out forms, etc.

CMW’s Board is pleased to announce, however, that there is a second and easier way to pay and that is through PayPal, which is now a part of our Website. Both methods are located on this Website under the Membership Tab.

Each new or renewing member can now renew/update their membership through the Membership Tab on this Website using a bank/credit card. Each new or renewing member will need to complete a short on-line membership form prior to paying, which is necessary to keep CMW’s membership information up to date. Members are easily prompted to complete this form and the PayPal transaction.

Just so you are clear, members will receive an e-mail prompt when dues need to be renewed the following year. They will not automatically be renewed.

In addition, now available is PayPal payment for the $10.00 Munsinger Art in the Garden fee for this summer’s sales event scheduled on Thursday, July 21st. I (Paula Tift) have already used this PayPal function to register and pay my $10 fee and found it to be easy and user friendly. Take note: you do not need your own PayPal account to pay online. To pay using PayPal, click on the following link:

I would be remiss if I did not recognize the vision, hard work, and dedication of Mary Buhl, CMW’s former Social Media Coordinator; Shelly Leitheiser, our website expert who knows how to make it all work behind the scenes; and our Treasurer Ralph Carpenter, who had a few glitches to work out with the banks and forms. Updating our Website and making PayPal become a reality was something Mary wanted to finish before completing her time on CMW’s Board. I saw first hand how much hard work was involved. Thank you Mary, Shelly, and Ralph!!!

If you have any questions, please contact Ralph Carpenter our Treasurer or any of the CMW Board Members.

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