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*Good Shepherd Show take down, *Plein Air Painting, *Upcoming Reminders

  1. Good Shepherd Art Show take down is scheduled for Tuesday, May 31st between 3 and 4 pm.

  2. Falcon Bank Art Show take down is scheduled for Wednesday, June 29th between 3 and 4 pm.

A plein air painting event is scheduled for all CMW artists on Tuesday, June 7 at Lake George (east side by the Boat House–see map). Meet there at 12:30 pm and paint until 3:00 or later. Of course, this outside painting event is subject to the weather.

  1. Also Coming Up…

Monday 6 pm, June 13, CMW meeting, Demo Artist Sandra Muzzy. More information will be posted soon!

Sign Up for Art in the Garden at Munsinger Park deadline is Tuesday, June 14, more information will be posted here soon. Space is more limited this year so we will have a few more guidelines than before…watch for them!

(Reminder when adding wires to framed paintings, be sure your wires are strung tight enough so that they don’t show above your frame when they are hung on a wall or on a hook. Also paste a business card or a name tag with your phone number on the back. Thank you!)

The CMW Spring Retreat was a great success and fun for all involved! CMW has reserved May 1-4 in 2023–same place/Cold Spring–for another painting retreat…plan ahead and join us!

Reminder to check the “Up Next” or “Calendar” tabs on this website for quick reminders too!

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