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Fall Painting Retreat at Riverside Inn in Cold Spring October

18 CMW Members just completed a 4 day/3 night painting retreat at Cold Spring’s Riverside Inn this past May. Goodies were shared, ideas and critiques were shared, if asked for, and there was always someone to go out to eat with, or take a walk, or use the swimming pool or hot tub. The work space is perfect as everyone has a large rectangular table to spread out on, there are plenty of windows and extra table lights to use. It’s and ideal space to work and the workroom is secured at night. It’s a GREAT time! It’s a great time to get to know CMW artist friends. It was soooooo much fun that participants are ready to return in October. The Riverside Inn only has three days/two nights available for us, so consider joining us this fall!!! The dates are Monday-Wednesday, October 2nd through October 4th. We can arrive by 10 a.m. on Monday and stay until 3 p.m. on Wednesday.

The cost of a single room is $260 and the cost of a shared room (2 people) is $190 for two nights.

To attend, the first half payment is due June 1 ($130 for single occupancy and $95 for double occupancy) . The second half is due September 1, 2023 ($130 for single occupancy and $95 for double occupancy). This ensures we have our regular table space and lights available in the connected sunny conference area room. Please join in the FUN!

submitted by Paula Tift, CMW Media Coordinator (Website and Facebook)

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