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CMW Show at the St. Cloud Hospital – Nov 29 through Dec 31

Homan-Vivienne, 16X16, NFS, Watercolor

The Central Minnesota Watercolorists group has installed a large art show at the St. Cloud Hospital in St. Cloud, Minnesota.

Come on out and view this beautiful show! The address is 1406 6th Ave N, St Cloud, telephone (320) 251-2700.

The art is in the hallways (past the Chapel) if entering from the north parking lot.The show will run through the end of December–perfect timing to buy an original piece of art for that special someone. Purchases can be made through the Gift Shop and the Hospital does receive a commission for each sale.

Below are photos of the art show. Paintings are for sale unless otherwise noted.

Werlinger-Freedom to the Wild, 17X21, $$250, Watercolor

Twedt-White Flowers in a Field, 22x29, $85, Watercolor

Tift-The Kiss, 17X20, $225, watercolor

Although this pair of Cardinals are sharing a seed, I prefer to think of it as a kiss. Painted with paid permission from the photographr Ron Kotinsky.

Theis-Winter, 9.5X11.5, $50, Watercolor

Spence-Minnesota Hail to Thee, 18X24, $300, Watercolor, crayon, pencil, and collage

It is a tribute to my affection for the University of Minnesota.

Mondloch-Snow Patterns, 11X15, $750, Watercolor

Kupferschmidt-Gray Sky at Itasca Park, 20X17, $135, Watercolor

Jensen-Cekalla-Wild Pine, 17X21, $255, Watercolor

 For a pine this wild, colors had to go wild too. Lots of masking went on and came off revealing a winter wonderland. Painted during an on-line workshop with Minnesota artist, David R. Smith. (Shown and reproduced with permission.)

Homan-Vivienne, 16X16, NFS, Watercolor

Hendrickx-Love Never Melts, 16X20, $300, Watercolor

Watercolor and collage. It just evolved-no plan, just fun!

Forsberg-Dancing Birch Trees, 21.5X27.5, NFS, Watercolor

Buhl - Glorious Sunflowers, 28X21, $175, Watercolor

Werlinger-After the Shower, 21X17, $250, Watercolor

Twedt-The Older the Grapes, 20x26, $85, Mixed Media

Tift-Abandoned, 19X23, $200, Watercolor

I am attracted to abandoned buildings for some reason. Perhaps because they have untold stories and have weathered many storms. This one I found is no longer standing.

Theis-Fresh Snow Deer, 9X11, $50, Watercolor

I like to paint with a limited pallet. This deer is painted with 3 colors, Prussian Blue, Aureolin Yellow and Quinacridone Violet

Spence-Lake Florida Historic Church, 16X20, $150, Watercolor

My great grandmother Helena Eliason helped found this Swedish church, and many beloved family members rest in the cemetery.

Kupferschmidt-October at Itasca Park, 16X22, $175, Watercolor

I began this painting outdoors on a beautiful fall day at Itasca State Park. i completed it in my studio

Jensen-Cekalla-Reverie, 21.5X28.5 $495, Watercolor

Fleeting colors of fall inspire bittersweet meditations on the joy of life and the way of all flesh.

Hendrickx-Bird Love, 16X20, $500, watercolor and collage

Painted from sketch, photography and on site.

Buhl - A Fishing Hole Like No Other, 13X16, $85, Watercolor and Gouache

Almich-The Raven, 18X23, $450, mixed media

Roering-The Snow's Too Deep, 16X20, $75, Watercolor

Roering-The Long Trail Ride, 16X20, NFS, Watercolor

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