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CMW Show at Good Shepherd Community April 1-May 31, 2022

Hendrickx – Gerbera Daisies, 18 X 24, $600, Watercolor and Mixed Media

The CMW Show at the Good Shepherd Community in Sauk Rapids, MN will run from Friday, April 1 – Tuesday, May 30, 2022. You can see the paintings below and even better yet, stop by Good Shepherd and see them in person. If you click on a painting, it will enlarge for you.

Werlinger-Mystery Woman, 13 X 15, $120, Watercolor

Spence-When Cardinals Visit, a Loved One Is Near, 11 X 14, $50, Watercolor

Kupferschmidt-Under the Arch, Prague, 28 X 22, $190, Watercolor

The arch in streaming sunlight and the stone textures attracted me to this challenging scene. I like the arch as a design element. Painting a crowd of tourists added to the challenge.

Buhl-Porcelain and Apple Blossoms, 16.5 X 13.5, $115, Watercolor

I loved the look of the white soft blossoms with a touch of pink against the wainscoting. The porcelain pieces add interest with curved shapes and smooth surfaces.

Werlinger-Tulip Time

Twedt-Door Knob, 19 X 25, $125, Watercolor

I enjoy painting using the color Quin Gold! Adding shadows in a painting also grounds the painting as in my "Door Knob" painting!


This is a preliminary painting for a children's book I am illustrating.

Spence-Western Bluebird, 11 X 14, $50, Watercolor

Kupferschmidt-Serenity, 17 X 21,$150, Watercolor

Grand Marais harbor on a sunny day made a great subject. The water was an intense blue that added to the beauty of that day in midsummer.

Hendrickx-Winter's Night on Leech Lake, 16 X 20, $400, Watercolor

Buhl-Flowers in Ink, 10 X 12, $60, Ink on Watercolor

This was something new and different for me to do. I painted a colorful wash of watercolor and then overlaid it with a variety of flower images in ink. Each element highlighted the other.

Werlinger-Memories of the Past, 27 X 18, $250, Watercolor

The pitcher and bowl is a memory from my home when I was a child.

Theis-Canoeing in Cass County, 12.5X15, $100, Gouache on page from MN Atlas

I have planned many canoe trips. I love studying a map and deciding where to go.

Spence-Hummingbird Delight, 11 X 14, $50, Watercolor giclee print

Kupferschmidt-Reflections at Nuremberg, 18.5 X 22.5, $185, Watercolor

A quiet and grayish day added to the charm of Nuremberg, Germany on a tour we did in September, 2018. The reflections add to the peaceful feel of the scene.

Hendrickx-Roots In the Garden, 9 X 16, $300, Calligraphy and Watercolor

Forsberg-Loon Calls, 18 X 12, NFS, Watercolor

On a warm summer night, sitting by the peaceful lake, hearing the beautiful call of the loon.

Buhl-Flowers for Mom, 14 X 11, $95, Watercolor

With Spring coming, I was inspired to depict this sweet girl picking flowers for her mother for Mother's Day.

Braud-Prairie House with Coneflowers 2, 24 X 28, $800, Watercolor and Ink

Addicott-Sunflower, 15 X 17, $35, watercolor

Werlinger-DayBrighter, 9.5 X 11.5, $50, Watercolor

I always enjoy painting beautiful flowers to try to capture nature's beauty.

Theis-Along Co Rd 16, 11 X 14, $100, Watercolor

As I drive to work on Co Rd 16, I see many ideas for painting. This painting is one of them.

Spence-Edith Wolford Iris, 11 X 14, $50, Watercolor

Kupferschmidt-Marketplace in Nuremberg, 19 X23, $220, Watercolor

A colorful, busy marketplace in Nuremberg, Germany was the subject of this watercolor. The strong shadows are meant to draw your eyes into the scene.

Hendrickx - Gerbera Daisies, 18 X 24, $600, Watercolor and Mixed Media

Carpenter-Rocky Bottom, 22.5 X 19, $225, Watercolor

A watercolor from a study of various watercolor techniques doing an abstract view.

Buhl-Colorful Countryside, 17 X 14, $90, Acrylic

This broad, colorful scene had elements that I like to paint-prespective, a variety of scenic interests, and bold colors. It feels wide open and happy to me.

Braud-Electric Green in the Sky, 22 X 28, $500, Watercolor

Addicott-Pandas, 8 X 10, $35, Watercolor

Werlinger-Chapel in the Woods:St. John's University, 19 X 15, $150, Watercolor

Original chapel now remodeled.  Lovely place to visit.

Twedt-Autumn's Beauty, 16 x 27, $150, Watercolor

My Autumn Beauty was inspired by the great artist “Karlyn Holman” whom I was lucky enough to travel with to Italy and Spain!

Theis- Under a Tree in South Sudan, 11 X14, $100, Watercolor

My friends who grew up in South Sudan tell me about the beautiful countryside. A friend sent me a photo and allowed me to use it for this painting.

Spence-Duluth Harbor, 18 X 22, $150, Watercolor

Kupferschmidt-Land of the Midnight Sun, 20 X 23, $240, Watercolor

I combined and simplified a couple photographs to come up with this view of a harbor near Ketchikan, Alaska. The reflections were striking and added drama to the picture.

Hendrickx-Applesp Pears and an Orange, 10 X 18, $500, Watercolor

Forsberg-Colorful Reflection, 18 X 12, NFS, Watercolor

In order to capture Minnesota's scenic beauty, I painted this colorful reflection.

Carpenter-Farm Garage, 11.5 X 9.5, $75, Watercolor

A watercolor painting of a garage on a farm in southern MN.

Buhl - Mountain Vista, 14 x 11, $125, Watercolor

The challenge of painting mountains was intriguing and fun for me to paint capturing the expansiveness of this scene. That fisherman is so lucky to be able to enjoy that view!

Braud-Daisy Friends A'Shining, 24 X 28, $700, Watercolor and Watermedia

Addicott-Box of Chocolates, 11 X 14, $35, Watercolor

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