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CMW’s February 15th President’s Challenge Meeting

Jan Roering – Little Old Barn $200 20 x 16 – Framed Watercolor “I used a shimmery gray which looks like shimmering snow when you see it – though a camera doesn’t pick that up.”

February Member Meeting-Easel Night-Tuesday, February 15th

2022 President’s Challenge is “Sheer Beauty of Winter”

Venue is the Paramount Art Center, meeting starts at 6 pm, (masks and proof of vaccination are required per Paramount policy)

This meeting is a meeting like no other. The meeting content is all about us. Kerry Kupferschmidt, CMW President, has challenged us to paint our interpretation in line with this theme- “Sheer Beauty of Winter”. As an alternative, you may wish to paint and/or show your creation that is different than the above approach and that is fine too.

When we meet, you will be invited to show your painting and/or any other work of your choosing. You will be able to hold up your painting or put it on the easel (thus the title Easel Nite). If you like, say a word or two about your painting, i.e. what prompted you to choose it, what was fun about it, or what did you find challenging. Members love to hear about your interpretation and to see the painting. It is your choice to ask for input or a gentle critique/ dialogue. We’re always here to support each other.

We also want to post those paintings on our website. In order to do that, the CMW Board requests that you send a jpeg photo of your painting to Paula Tift at by February 14th or any time before that if you wish.

***NOTE: 1/2 payment is due at this meeting for the Spring Retreat scheduled May 2-5th

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