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CMW June 13th Meeting-Demo Artist Sandra Muzzy-technique “trompe l’oel”

Sandra Muzzy

CMW’s Monday, June 13th monthly membership meeting will be held at the Paramount Visual Arts Center, downtown St. Cloud, in the lower level at 6pm. The public is welcome for one meeting prior to joining CMW so visit and check us out! The gathering begins at 6 pm, a short meeting will then take place, and around 6:30pm Sandra Muzzy will begin her watercolor demonstration. We are usually done by 8 pm or shortly thereafter. Sandra says the following about herself:

“I am a watercolor artist. I am a Minnesota resident and have been for the last 35 years, but I do like to travel… a severe case of itchy feet… so whenever I am away from home I pack my paint, brushes, and paper and keep track of my adventures in a JOURNAL. If the time is taken to capture an image with paint and paper then you make a much bigger commitment to remembering the day than just snapping a photo on your cell phone. I will bring many of my journals along to show how I like to experiment with a variety of techniques, paper, and even paint. Unfortunately a journal will usually not get accepted into an exhibition. This is where I combine images by using the technique called trompe l’oeil… fooling the eye to believe that the single sheet of paper is many!

I am a past President of the Minnesota Watercolor Society and have taught many classes in my home studio and at a number of Art Centers including the Artistry of Bloomington and the Minnetonka Center for the Arts. Unfortunately I no longer teach, as a few years ago I developed a brain aneurysm that burst… so if I occasionally stammer and stutter and forget your name please cut me some slack.”

Sandra we certainly will! We welcome you and look forward to your demonstration with us!

Here a few samples of Sandra’s paintings:


Muzzy Bows

Muzzy landscape

Muzzy flowers example

Muzzy flowers 2

Visit Sandra’s website by clicking here: And her Facebook page called Sandra Muzzy Watercolor Studio at

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