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CMW at the Munsinger Art in the Garden Event – July 20, 2023

Thirteen CMW artists participated in the Munsinger Art in the Garden event on Thursday, July 20th. It was a mostly cloudy 80 degree day…perfect except for wind gusts that happened now and then. All in all, CMW had the perfect spot in the beautiful Munsinger Gardens (upper level) close to the roses. All CMW’s participating artists that were able, volunteered to help with set up, sales and cashiering, being present for the public to answer questions, and/or take down. As always, greeting cards were a great hit along with plenty of art that was sold. It was a very successful sales event!

To the left is pictured cashiers Diane Runberg, CMW’s President and Sandra Theis, CMW’s Vice President and also CMW’s Chairperson for the Munsinger Art in the Garden event.

Thank you to all involved for your talent, hard work, and participation!

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