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Bits and Pieces Reminders–also found on “UP NEXT” on this Website

(The featured image found on the “NEWS” feed is a painting sold recently by Paula Tift at Whitney.) The photo to the left is our favorite Gordon Shrank…..

….and a heartfelt THANK YOU goes out to CMW member Gordon Shrank for donating a new microphone for CMW’s use. Your generosity is appreciated Gordon and Yvonne!

Below are future events and information that can be found on the “UP NEXT” section of our Website. They are highlighted below as reminders and also to encourage your use of all aspects of our Website. Also be sure to check our the Calendar Section!

  1. Take down date for CMW’s Show at the Whitney Senior Center (St. Cloud, MN) is March 31st from 10 to 11 am

  2. Drop off for Good Shepherd Show is Friday, April 1st from 3 to 5 pm. Reminder to sign and bring along your Memo of Understanding required by Good Shepherd. This was sent out by previously by Kerry. Copies will be available when you drop off your paintings if you forget.

  3. CMW’s April meeting is set for April 11 at the Paramount 6pm. Paramount’s Covid protocol is suggesting mask use only at this time. Our featured demo artist is Marilyn Jacobson. For more information about Marilyn click here:

  4. Drop off for Falcon Bank Show is May 2, from 3 to 4 pm

  5. Reminder for those registered for the CMW Spring Retreat dates are May 2 – 5. Final payment due at CMW April meeting.

  6. Artists of Minnesota’s 2022 Spring Event May 20-22 is now open for registration. Click here to Register:

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