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Jana Tonsfeldt

Contact information:

Phone: 320-815-8384

Home Gallery: 521 Temple St., Alexandria, MN

My life is happiest and enriched when surrounded by nature and creative artwork.

" I have a studio and a personal home gallery at 521 Temple St. in Alexandria, MN.  I also offer art lessons in various mediums of watercolor, acrylic, alcohol inks and pours.  I design and redesign  jewelry ( some have baked clay) that I have for sale.  Call for an appointment if you would like to see all of my beautiful paintings."


Artist Statement: My life is happiest and enriched when surrounded by nature and creative artwork.  Many of my paintings portray whimsical, humorous  subjects.  I want them to bring a smile, create a conversation and continue to be of interest to your décor. I use texture, unique papers ( some of which I've made myself), metallic, mediums, stones etc. to add flair to my paintings.  I often use a mixture of paints, pens, crayons and pastels too.  I start with watercolors, water-soluable pencils and then add acrylic, perhaps some pastel to brighten an area and then inks for fine lines.

Background: I started drawing when I was 5 years old and I have continued with some form of art all my life. I have taken workshops from many experienced painters, dabbled in pottery at the University of Morris, I did Rosemaling for 15 years, worked in the art department for 4 years at the University of Moorhead and I have written and received 3 art grants. I have been an elementary teacher for 44 years and included art in most of my subjects to make learning more pleasurable for my students.  


I am now retired from elementary teaching and I have set up a full studio and gallery in the lower level of my home in Alexandria. I offer private lessons for individuals or small groups. I can also include some culinary delights with the sessions. (320-815-8384) I am starting to work with polymer clay and designing jewelry with it.

Affiliations/Achievements: I recently had a watercolor painting “Pure Joy” juried into the Red River National show in Moorhead, MN. I’ve also had a juried picture last year in a Sioux Falls, SD art gallery. I belong to many art galleries and I enjoy the company of other artists in several  art clubs. I am a life-long learner and will always learn from other artists and share my experiences. Jana is a current member of Central Minnesota Watercolorists.

Sales Gallery: These paintings are for sale.  Hover over any painting to see the title and other details then click on it for a larger view. The details include title, size in inches (width x length) and "wrap around" means the canvas or paper extends  around a wooden frame.  The medium is also listed.    Please contact the artist if you are interested in knowing more about their art or if you are interested in making a purchase.

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