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CMW Artists – Volunteer Opportunity

Volunteer Opportunity for CMW Artists

A contact of ours at the Sartell Community Center, Ginny Bisek, has a volunteer opportunity for our artists. As a member of the Optimists Club, Ginny is coordinating some artists to paint the covers of treasure boxes to be donated to children in need locally. It is just one of several projects under way for TLC Toys, Inc. For more information about TLC Toys here is the link to their site:

TLC Toys is based in Ramsey, MN. The best medium to use is probably acrylics for painting these wood covers. If you would like to help, contact Ginny at: She may drop off some covers at Sartell Community Center during our Thursday sessions, or she would deliver if convenient. You can contribute as many as you want to work on throughout the year. They will be collected and used prior to Christmas. Ask Ginny for details. I can give out a phone number if you email me: Here is a sample picture of the box covers.

Thanks, Kerry

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