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CMW 2022 Show CentraCare Plaza Jan 24 – Feb 24

Theis-Cat in Snowfall, 16 X 12, NFS, WC and ink. This is a preliminary painting for a children’s book I am illustrating.

Life presents good and bad. Sometimes we need to make lemonade out of lemons. We are all acutely aware of this during these Covid pandemic times. This year CMW’s show at CentraCare Plaza had to be cancelled because of the recent upsurge in Covid outbreaks. It stands to reason that a healthcare facility would carefully screen and limit those who enter their facility.

So if we can’t take our art out into the public at CentraCare Plaza at this time, we certainly can post it and share it with all of you here. Please enjoy our artwork, spread the news, and if you have any questions or want to contact one of the artists, just make note at the contact portion at the bottom of this page and a message will be forwarded to the appropriate artist.

CMW will be having other in-person shows along the way, please continue to visit and/or subscribe to this website for the latest news and artwork available. We appreciate your interest in the Central Minnesota Watercolorists!

“Art is not what you see but what you make others see.” Edgar Degas

Werlinger-Memories of the Past, 27 X 18, $220, Watercolor

Werlinger-Chapel in the Woods:St. John's University, 19 X 15, $175, Watercolor

Theis-Canoeing in Cass County, 12.5 X 15, $100, Gouache on page from MN Atlas

Spence-Joy, 13 X 16, $75, WC and collage

Spence-In Memory of Mom, 17.5 X 21, NFS, WC and collage

Kupferschmidt-Sunlit Facades in Prague, 23 X 28, $450, Watercolor.

Kupferschmidt-October at the Quarry, 16 X 20, $150, WC on Yupo

Forsberg-Loon Calls, 18 X 12, NFS, Watercolor

Forsberg-Colorful Reflection, 18 X 12, NFS, Watercolor

Cekalla-Too Big For His Britches, 16 X 20, $225, Watercolor

Cekalla-Herd Immunity, 18 X 23, $125, Watercolor

Carpenter-Rock Impressions, 23 X 19, $225, Watercolor

Carpenter-Northern Sunset, 18.5 X 14.5, $125, WC

Buhl-Rocky Shore, $200, 22 X 14, WC w:Gouache

Buhl-Lake at Sunset-or is it Sunrise? $175, 21 X 17, Watercolor

Theis-Cat in Snowfall, 16 X 12 NFS, WC and ink

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