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CMW Show at the Good Shepherd Community – 2023

Thirteen CMW Artists are displaying their artwork at the Good Shepherd Community Center in Sauk Rapids this April 1st through May 30th of 2023. Plan to stop by and view this wonderful selection of local art. For a preview look below. Click on each image to enlarge and view the complete painting. If you are interested in any of these pieces, please contact CMW and we will relay the message to the artist. There is a link to contact us at the bottom of this page.

Y_Schrank-Shaking It Off, 11x14, NFS, Ink

Werlinger-Spring Irises, 21x11, $85, Watercolor

Tift-The Kiss, 13.5X16.5, $125, Watercolor

Theis-Zoom Flowers, 7.5x9, $50, Watercolor

Runberg-Sunflowers for Ukraine, 15x17, $145, Acrylic

Roering-Apple Blossom Branch, 18x22, $125, Watercolor

Marinaro-Vulnerability, 20x16, $175, Watercolor

Kupferschmidt-Winter Sunlight, 22x18, $150, Watercolor on Yupo

Hendrickx-Wild Ones, 16x20, $500, Watercolor

Carpenter-The Farm, 19.5x15.5, $250, Watercolor

Braud-Fall Floral Sweetness, 36x28, $500, Watercolor

Addicott-You Called?, 12x12, $50, Watercolor

Y_Schrank-Flowers in Motion, 14x11, $50, Watercolor on Yupo

Werlinger-Beauty of Nature, 16x13, $80, Watercolor

Tift-Abandoned, 19X23, $150, Watercolor

Theis-Fresh Snow, 10x8, $40, Watercolor

Runberg-Marsh Marigolds, 18x21, $145, Acrylic

Kupferschmidt-Rushing Waters, 23X19, $170, Watercolor

Hendrickx-Iris, 16x20, $600, Watercolor

Forsberg-Lodermeier, Autumn Splendor, 12x18, NFS, Watercolor

Carpenter-Forest Through the Trees, 15x19, $150, Watercolor

Braud-BenAndDolphinFish, 28x36, $500, Watercolor

Werlinger-Day Brighter, 13x12, $70, Watercolor

Addicott-Saskatchewan Sunset #1, 9x11, $25, Watercolor

Y_Schrank-At the Farm, 11x14, $50, Watercolor

Theis-Bloomin', 8x10, $40, Watercolor

Carpenter-Little Lighthouse, 13x10, $75, Watercolor

Braud-Romp On The Hill, 28x36,$500, Watercolor

Marinaro-Shall We Dance, 20x16,$250, Watercolor

Addicott-Saskatchewan Sunset #2, 13x10, $35, Watercolor

Marinaro-The Light of Winter, 16x20, $375, Watercolor

Forsberg-Lodermeier, Dancing Birch Trees, 12x18, NFS, Watercolor

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