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CMW’s 2023 Whitney Senior Center Show – May 1 thru June 30

The 2023 Central Minnesota Watercolorists Art Show is now up and ready to view at the Whitney Senior Center in St. Cloud. The paintings below are displayed and are for sale unless marked “NFS” (not for sale)…. (hover over each painting and click to enlarge)

….In any case, CMW invites you to please stop by and view the paintings in person before June 30th to appreciate their beauty and expertise!

The featured image painting was completed by CMW member Marlene R DeVoe

Whitney Senior Center, 1527 Northway Dr, St Cloud, MN 56303

DeVoe-Cherry Blossom Time, 9x12, $60.00, Watercolor

Benusa-Bird of Paradise, 8X10, $100, Watercolor

Hendrickx-Fisherman's Prayer, 21x16, $300, Waterrcolor, pen, and ink

Kupferschmidt-View of Talkeetna, Alaska, 16X19, $200, Watercolor

Runberg-Hibiscus, 12x12, $45, Watercolor

Spence-Chicadee, dee, dee, 11x14, $60, Watercolor

Theis-Along Co Rd 16, 11x14, $100, Watercolor

Tift-Sartell's Old Round Barn, 16X20, $175, Watercolor

Twedt-Grape Pickins, 19x23, $150, Watercolor

Werllinger-King of the Hill, 15x12, $50, Watercolor

Benusa-Calla Lillies, 12x16, NFS, Watercolor

Hendrickx-Bleedin Heart, 20x15, $500, Watercolor

DeVoe-Presence in Malta, 9x12, $75.00, Watercolor and Gouache

Kupferschmidt-Mountains at Turnagain Arm, 17x21, $190, Watercolor

Runberg-Morning Sun, 12x15, $75, Watercolor

Spence-Serenity, 17x22, $175, Watercolor

Theis-Canoeing in Cass County, 12.5X15, $100, Gouache

Tift-Chance Meeting, 11X14, $100, Watercolor

Twedt-Gathered from the Field, 18x21, $50, Watercolor

Werlinger-Celebration of Jewels, 11x11, $50, Watercolor

Benusa-Ciqikou Alley, 12x16, NFS, Watercolor

Runberg-Tulips, 8x14, $45, Watercolor

Spence, Medicine Lake, East Glacier Park, 17x22, $175, Watercolor


Tift-Snack Time, 11x14, $100, Watercolor

Twedt-Mottled Tulips, 18x21, $75, Watercolor on rice paper-Batik

Werllinger-Backyard Friends, 12X10, $48, Watercolor

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