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CMW’s 2022 CentraCare Show begins October 3rd

Central Minnesota Watercolorists were scheduled last January to present an art show at CentraCare and unfortunately it was cancelled. CMW is excited to have been rescheduled and the show began on Monday, October 3rd. If you are in the CentraCare facility, please make sure to view the 20 paintings completed by 10 CMW artists. This artwork will remain on display until Friday, October 28th.

“What I love about watercolor is that a lot of happy accidents occur.”

All but two of CMW’s CentraCare Show paintings are displayed below. Elly VanDiest’s paintings were not available but can be viewed at CentraCare. Please click on each painting below if you wish to view it in greater detail.

Almich-The Blue Rose, 16 X20, $400, Watercolor

Cekalla-Herd Immunity, 18 X 23, $125, Watercolor

You can't roller skate in a buffalo herd, but you can be happy if you've a mind to. Especially if we've got herd immunity! Otherwise, Tatanka is coming for you!

Forsberg-Colorful Reflection, 18 X 12, NFS, Watercolor

In order to capture Minnesota's scenic beauty, I painted this colorful reflection.

Kupferschmidt-October at the Quarry, 16 X 20, $175, WC on Yupo

One of a few successful experiments with watercolor on Yupo. I dived into exploring the fascinating textures and striking colors possible with this unique surface. Based on a scene in Quarry Park.

Spence-Harvest Time Treasures, 17.5X21.5, $150, Watercolor

I enjoyed painting this rural barn scene as part of a watercolor workshop by David Smith.

Theis-Canoeing in Cass County, 12.5 X 15, $100, Gouache on page from MN Atlas

I have planned many canoe trips. I love studying a map and deciding where to go.

Werlinger-Burst of Color, 19X15, $120, Alcohol Inks

Hendrickx-Coming In on Leech Lake Shoreline, 18X24, $550, Watercolor

I was fortunate to be able to paint down by the boat landing at Pikedale Resort on Leech Lake.  The air had smoke in it from some northern fires which gave it an eerie look. I had an audience when I painted this - so many questions about painting and why I chose the scene. It was a teachable moment.

Roering-Fall Treasurers, 11 X 14, $125, WC copy

Love all the pumpkins and colors. Just couldn't resist putting a mouse on one because I've seen some in the fields as I was shopping with the grandkids. And I think he looks like he's claiming the big one for himself!

Almich, The Visiting Bee, 16X20, $400, Watercolor copy

Cekalla-Too Big For His Britches, 16 X 20, $225, Watercolor

My sister's six chicks all turned out to be hens. She had no rooster, so I painted one for her. This one is scratching up a storm!

Forsberg-Loon Calls, 18 X 12, NFS, Watercolor

On a warm summer night, sitting by the peaceful lake, hearing the beautiful call of the loon.

Kupferschmidt-Sunlit Facades in Prague, 23 X28, $450, Watercolor

I used the shadows as a key part of the design of this painting.The warm sunlight  highlighted the figures as well. This painting was accepted in the Northstar Watermedia National show in 2021.

Spence-Sunflower Tribute to Ukraine, 24X20, $150, Watercolor

I painted these cheerful blossoms with deep empathy for the people of Ukraine fighting for their freedom. May we never take ours for granted.

Theis-Cat in Snowfall, 16 X 12 NFS, WC and ink

This is a preliminary painting for a children's book I am illustrating. 

Werlinger-Celebration of Color, 15X12, $95, Watercolor Collage

Hendrickx-Petunia Study, 12X16, $250, Watercolor

On my patio, not happy with what I was painting, I did a study of my potted petunias in an almost monochromatic pallette. This is a wonderful exercise that I do periodically. The petunias were happy to oblige.

Roering-Sumac and Poplar Leaves Dressed Up For Fall, 20X22, $220, WC copy

I love the color and shapes of fall. So I found different shapes of poplar and sumac and had fun putting them into an abstract painting.

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