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CMW Member Dinner At Brothers

We all had a good time at the CMW member dinner Monday night September 9th, at Brothers Bar & Grill in St. Cloud.

See more photos here. If you have photos to share, feel free to post them on our Facebook page.

We had a silent auction and exchanged small 5″ x 7″ paintings done by CMW members, using two colors. (It’s safe to say a few of us cheated a bit and may have added a third color). Even though they were small, they were impressive paintings!

Discussed were many things including future show and sale details, and that we still need volunteers to step forward and be our new President and Vice President.  We also talked about other show opportunities and venues to display work.  Members pointed out that the Great River Arts gallery in Little Falls is a wonderful venue for displaying art and a good organization that offers lots of workshops and classes.  We will have a group show there in February, and meanwhile everyone should check out GRAA if you haven’t already. The food at Brothers was very good and thanks to their staff we had a fun evening!

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