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3 CMW Members are showing artwork at Whitney Senior Center, St. Cloud

Spence-Stored Memories, 14×17, $100, transparent watercolor

CMW members Linda Addicott, Kerry Kupferschmidt and Pat Spence are now displaying their watercolor artwork at the Whitney Senior Center in St. Cloud, Minnesota.

Linda Addicott’s artwork display consists of 10 paintings. Linda’s work will remain hanging at Whitney through February 28th.

Kerry Kupferschmidt and Pat Spence also have artwork on display. Their separate displays will remain hanging through March 31st.

Below are two examples of paintings featured in the show from each of the three artists. Please click on the image to enlarge it. Hopefully this visual will remind you to stop in to view the artwork in person. Don’t we all agree…artwork can best be appreciated in person! It will be a nice outing…get you out of the house…socialize by bringing a friend along….maybe stop for coffee….

Congratulations Kerry, Linda and Pat on being chosen to display at Whitney Senior Center! I find inspiration in knowing that you each are showing on your own, in addition to the opportunities offered by CMW. This is an excellent goal for a CMW artist to set for themselves.

Addicott-Branching Out, 14x18, $75, pen, ink & watercolor

Addicott-Sunrise Birches, 16X20, $125, Watercolor

Kupferschmidt-Autumn Sunlight, 18x22, $150, Watercolor

Kupferschmidt-Gladiolus at Munsinger Gardens, 12x15 $60, Watercolor

Spence-Stearns County Farm, 20x24, $150, transparent watercolor

Spence-Stored Memories, 14x17, $100, transparent watercolor

submitted by Paula Tift, CMW Social Media Coordinator

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