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Artist: Jinjer Markley
The Color Triangle: Hands on Demo

Member Meeting

Monday, May 13, 6-8:30pm


Paramount Center for the Arts, Studio C
913 W St Germain St, St Cloud, MN 56301

The Color Triangle: a Hands-on Demo

If you find certain colors frustrating to mix, it is not your fault!  Most color mixing instruction is based on traditional, outdated color theory. Modern color theory has come a long way, but the Color Triangle is the first tool to organize that updated knowledge into a simple, easy-to-use tool for artists. With it, you can:

Predict the full range of colors that can be mixed using two starting colors.
Predict the full range of colors that can be mixed with a triad of colors.
Determine the complementary color for any color.
Determine the hue of a target color--even dull, dark or pale colors.
Determine how to mix a target color.
Determine which colors will mix to make bright colors.
Determine the color temperature of a target color, even neutrals.

Jinjer Marley

I am an illustrator in Minneapolis, MN. My formal training is in science, and I am still a nerd--a nerd who draws. Besides drawing, I love dancing, bike riding, cooking overly complicated meals, anything Japanese, hanging out with my family, and the magic of making things by hand, and chickens (See if you can find my hidden chicken page on my website-

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